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Volatile future will demand law firms bring more to the party

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Whether it be service offerings, fee levels, management of fee-related activities or developing individual brands and thought leadership around industry sector knowledge, law firms will need to think very carefully about what they bring to the client table in future

The challenging future legal and business environment which is widely anticipated will demand a lot more from law firms than providing quality legal advice. This is the view of Ian Robertson, long-standing managing partner of Holding Redlich’s Sydney office, writing in The Australian (apologies; link requires subscription or log-in) recently. This advice backs up on the… Continue Reading

Pricing, billing and value – tough messages and ideas from two senior General Counsel

Posted in Change, Legal Profession, Trust & Respect
The debate around pricing and billing rages on - at the end of the day the crucial issue may simply be ensuring a basis of trust and respect between lawyer and client

Issues and challenges around pricing, alternative fee arrangements and value understandably still get plenty of air-time. They received top billing at the recent COLPM (College of Law Practice Management) Futures Conference in Chicago. I read through my notes from talks by two senior in-house counsel  - there are strong words and some important messages and… Continue Reading

8 leadership tips for legal leaders from business leader

Posted in Change, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Management, Trust & Respect, Vision
Image by Patrick Hoesly

I talked on leadership tips and frames at a keynote at the annual Boss of the Year Awards Convention in South Africa in August 2011. Brand Pretorius, recently retired former head of Toyota and McCarthy Motor Holdings in South Africa and a recognized ’captain of industry’, also delivered a keynote drawing on his extensive leadership experience, with some… Continue Reading