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When I established my consulting practice and subsequently joined Edge International I found I had both the time and inclination (no longer plagued by normal large-office issues) to read and think about leadership, strategy and related issues in more depth. As a result I have gained some insights I wish I had when I was running firms!


Edge International is comprised of a number of independent but like-minded specialists in different fields of legal industry management and leadership and related skills. We work as a very closely knit team and regularly collaborate on assignments. Where warranted we team up to service clients. We share learnings and update one another on key assignments weekly and meet a couple of times a year where we spend most of the time up-skilling and improving our knowledge base and expertise levels.

Our culture is what I would term collegial-businesslike; we have very few ‘rules & regulations’ but are disciplined in relation to accessibility, responsiveness and reliability. Our Edge guiding principles internally—we:

Specific Services I can offer:

Organisational, Vision, Strategy & Culture

Marketing & Brand