Leadership Frames – essential skills, techniques, processes, understandings, thinking and behavioral styles for leadership. I intend to deal with 25 to 30 of these frames over future blog posts, the first, on Emotional Intelligence, starts today.

Many leaders ‘wing it’. They rely on their innate ability and don’t develop their leadership skills and learn key skills and techniques, many of them very simple: I suspect this is often due to time constraints, or leaders being so busy worrying about others and about their firms, that they never get a chance to think about their own leadership roles.

Leadership Frames is my attempt to fill this gap.

Leadership Frames - essential techniques, skills, thinking & learning for successful leaders - simple yet powerful - coming up in future blog posts

A lot of my work involves leaders, senior managers and leadership – coaching, teaching, mentoring, development, challenges and so on – and thinking and reading about how leadership can be optimized – through this I have evolved a list of key things leaders should master outside of their own personal make-up – personality, experience and natural intelligence – to truly excel in leadership.

As we all know, we can’t do much about IQ and personality, which are fixed, but there are plenty of other things we can learn about, or techniques we can master, that can undoubtedly enhance our ability to lead.

Leadership vs Management – I won’t dwell on the differences between leadership and management; much has been written about those. I think there are as many commonalities as there are differences. What I would say is that many of the leadership frames will apply equally to both disciplines and roles.

Coming up: over the next year or two I will post one or two frames a month in the hope of stimulating debate – I would welcome your suggestions on leadership frames that have worked for you or which you regard as essential – send me an email or add a comment.

Keeping it simple yet effective: leadership is clearly a complex subject – apparently over 15m books and counting; but I do think leadership can be kept quite simple and yet be very effective – my aim with leadership frames – they are easy to grasp and to apply.

Ideal for the busy leader who wants to excel in his or her role but is more interested in getting results than delving too deeply into the academic intricacies of leadership and management.