In a recently published article in the Australasian Law Management Journal (ALMJ) on thought leadership as a most valuable marketing ally, I emphasized the importance of:

One of the main reasons thought leadership is so powerful is that it acts as a form of invisible and credible third party 'referrer' which clients trust. As a result, thought leaders have less difficulty finding new clients, winning tenders and 'closing the deal'. They can also charge at higher rates and get paid for their services.
  • recognising and taking advantage of valuable, untapped stores of thought leadership assets
  • clarifying what we mean by thought leadership
  • understanding its benefit to lawyers and their firms
  • appreciating where some unrealised thought leadership assets may lurk
  • leaders or senior managers understanding steps they can and should consider to realise these assets
In an upcoming post I will share some thoughts on ways to develop thought leadership material and thought leadership status.
To Aussies world-wide, happy Australia Day!