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Killing clients with complexity – be sure to recognise and address it

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In talking about client relations lawyers like to talk about the importance of using simple English, killing clients with kindness and generally keeping things simple for clients. It seems years of training and our natural lawyerly DNA inhibits this. So, instead, we are killing clients with complexity and bloody mindedness. Clients use this as yet… Continue Reading

The real leadership lessons of Steve Jobs – just one more thing: PART FOUR (final)

Posted in Brand, Culture, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Legal Profession, Management, Personal Effectiveness, Thought Leader, Trust & Respect, Values

So far we have considered some 18 leadership lessons from Steve Jobs from Parts ONE, TWO and THREE of this series and how they may be relevant for legal leaders – all based on the Walter Isaacson article it the HBR. There are some things however I wouldn’t recommned for legal leaders. So what are… Continue Reading

Difficult partners and angry babies have a lot in common – some EQ tips

Posted in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Legal Profession, Management, People Strategy, Personal Effectiveness

What to do and what not to do with difficult partners was the subject of two recent posts (Leadership Frame #8 & #9). Coincidentally I came across a recent article from Travis Bradberry at Talent Smart (the EQ/emotional intelligence people) and he offered some more tips from an EQ perspective which I thought would be… Continue Reading

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – Leadership Frame #1

Posted in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Management

Leadership Frame #1 – Emotional Intelligence (‘EQ’) In an earlier post I signaled posting  on Leadership Frames – key techniques and skills for successful leaders – simple yet effective – this is the first of the series. Leaders should understand the importance of EQ. It determines leadership success and top performers are high in EQ…. Continue Reading

Leadership Frames – essential skills and styles for leadership

Posted in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Legal Profession, Management, Strategy, Vision

Leadership Frames – essential skills, techniques, processes, understandings, thinking and behavioral styles for leadership. I intend to deal with 25 to 30 of these frames over future blog posts, the first, on Emotional Intelligence, starts today. Many leaders ‘wing it’. They rely on their innate ability and don’t develop their leadership skills and learn key skills and… Continue Reading

8 leadership tips for legal leaders from business leader

Posted in Change, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Management, Trust & Respect, Vision

I talked on leadership tips and frames at a keynote at the annual Boss of the Year Awards Convention in South Africa in August 2011. Brand Pretorius, recently retired former head of Toyota and McCarthy Motor Holdings in South Africa and a recognized ‘captain of industry’, also delivered a keynote drawing on his extensive leadership experience, with some… Continue Reading