When I established my consulting practice and subsequently joined Edge International I found I had both the time and inclination (no longer plagued by normal large-office issues) to read and think about leadership, strategy and related issues in more depth. As a result I have gained some insights I wish I had when I was running firms!

Edge International is comprised of a number of independent but like-minded specialists in different fields of legal industry management and leadership and related skills. We work as a very closely knit team and regularly collaborate on assignments. Where warranted we team up to service clients. We share learnings and update one another on key assignments weekly and meet a couple of times a year where we spend most of the time up-skilling and improving our knowledge base and expertise levels.

Our culture is what I would term collegial-businesslike; we have very few ‘rules & regulations’ but are disciplined in relation to accessibility, responsiveness and reliability. Our Edge guiding principles internally—we:

  • are a virtual firm with outstanding, diversely talented practitioners operating as ‘One Firm’
  • exercise absolute commitment to the success of Edge colleagues, Edge clients and strengthening the Edge Brand
  • are accessible, responsive and reliable to Edge colleagues and Edge clients
  • Edge Members:
    • are comfortable operating in a virtual environment
    • are independent, somewhat irreverent but actively collaborative and collegial
    • have top technical ability, high EQ, and enthusiasm and passion for the legal industry
    • will, without exception, both personally and professionally, be the ‘right people on the bus’
    • deliver the capability to undertake highly sophisticated, strategically significant work
    • exercise absolute integrity in all dealings with clients and colleagues
    • have strategically relevant skill-sets in key markets
    • develop and share expertise, systems, IP, IT & communications skill-sets, processes and precedents with one another
    • obtain feedback from clients after every significant engagement and share any learnings
    • provide a weekly e-mail report to fellow partners on the past week’s and the next week’s activities plus any learnings
    • provide an unconditional guarantee to clients in relation to our individual assignments
  • Edge International:
    • is a global, collaborative group that puts its combined expertise and energy to work for every Edge client
    • focuses on sophisticated, strategically significant work
    • is driven to ensure implementation
    • unconditionally guarantees service delivery
    • exercises absolute confidentiality in relation to clients and assignments
    • has a policy that fixed price fees are the general rule
    • is driven to ensure clients realise untapped potential
    • has a passion to build client strength, confidence and well-being
    • is determined to ensure consistency of Edge brand experiences all over the world

Specific Services I can offer:

Organisational, Vision, Strategy & Culture

  • Organisational reviews and re-structuring for transformation & growth execution
  • Strategic planning development, implementation, review & monitoring/measuring
  • Strategy & growth planning utilising author Jim Collins’ research outcomes and methodologies
  • Commercialising services
  • Strategies to build and grow an organisation’s Capital Fabric™
  • Vision, core ideology and culture review and development
  • OCI Culture Reviews, Debriefing and Change Management*
  • GSI Development Reviews, Debriefing and Coaching*
  • Amalgamations, strategic alliances
  • Risk reviews
  • Asia expansion Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Developing key success factors and KPIs for organisational & divisional performance

Marketing & Brand

  • Marketing Strategy development and implementation
  • Building charismatic brands implementing Brand Fusion™ which ensures organisation-wide understanding/support and ensures what you offer is what is experienced
  • Trusted Advisor status development
  • Strategies to achieve growth during macro-economic crises e.g. GFC
  • Key Client/Customer Management Programs using CReMP™
  • Innovation strategy and framework implementation
  • Client/Customer Development Reviews, Debriefing and Coaching
  • Knowledge-based client/customer relationship implementation


  • Various aspects of organisational governance
  • Leadership and Management Role and KPI development


  • Mentoring & coaching CEOs, Managing Partners and Divisional or Group leadership
  • Leadership reviews and re-structures
  • Leader and Leadership team optimisation
  • Thought leadership development
  • Leadership Performance Management Systems that work
  • Leadership key performance indicators to achieve balanced performance
  • Manager Progression and Leadership succession
  • LI Leadership Development Reviews, Debriefing and Coaching*
  • LSI Individual Development Reviews, Debriefing and Coaching*
  • Mindset coaching for leaders and managers


  • Leader/Team performance enhancement implementing the Responsible Partner® program
  • Human Resources Strategy development & implementation
  • Strategies to understand & build people engagement
  • Training and Education (Learning and Development) strategy


  • Financial Strategy development
  • Equity and organisation capital re-structuring
  • Lockup (WIP and Debtor Days) optimisation strategies
  • Comprehensive financial practices and procedures manual
  • Financial ‘Snapshot’ (Dashboard) Development