Alternative growth structures such as Swiss Vereins, global alliances, non-merger affiliations, expansion strategies and a great deal more is covered in the latest edition of the Edge International Review. It provides essential insights for legal leaders – in fact, just what legal leaders need to know about!

The latest edition

At first blush social media would not seem to be the domain of leadership. It is however important that leaders understand enough about such developments, particularly where growth has been explosive and the impact wide-ranging, to appreciate potential strategic implications for their firms.

In this third Leadership Frame (introduced a few posts ago), I talk to my partner in Edge International, Jordan Furlong, a lawyer, writer and speaker based in Canada whose specialty is analyzing the changing state of the marketplace and forecasting its future. But in addition, as a former journalist – he served as editor of three of Canada’s foremost legal periodicals – he also consults to law firms on content, communications and social media in conjunction with Canadian company Stem Legal Web Services. It’s in that latter capacity that I recently engaged him in a conversation about what law firm leaders need to know about social media.

For social media to really catch on within a firm, there has to be clear buy-in from the top — not just from the managing partner, but to the extent possible, from senior rainmakers and other influencers (Sean Larkan graphic)

1.      It seems many leaders regard social media as something that should be left to ‘marketing’ or ‘communications’ – what role if any should leaders play?

Leaders who regard marketing and communications as matters not meriting their attention are either too busy for their own good or don’t fully appreciate the degree to which a law firm’s reach and reputation is linked to the firm’s business success.
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